The art of self-study

At Niyama Yoga we focus on educating, nurturing and re-energizing. We are a yoga studio in New Jersey that encourages inner peace through movement, meditation and awareness of our physical and subtle body; a place to nurture your mind, body and soul.

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Meet our founder

Nicole founded Niyama Yoga & Wellness Studios in 2007 and over the course of the past 13 years the business has expanded to two brick and mortar locations in New Jersey, Randolph and Sparta.  After 23 years of working in Corporate America, Nicole decided to pursue her true calling in the wellness industry.  She has never looked back and feels honored to offer tools to others that will encourage health versus disease. All leading to true happiness.


Nicole's mission is to offer clients a life changing experience from the moment they enter this very special yoga studio in New Jersey.  Nicole's belief in proper education in Yoga, Ayurveda, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Skin Care and Overall Well-Being is evident in the level of expertise each of her tribe members have.  Niyama has a class A staff that is unmatched.  The true meaning behind the word "Shala" is embodied at Niyama Yoga Studios: education, education, education!


Nicole is passionate about teaching and encouraging others to find their dharma or purpose not only on the mat, but in their personal lives. When you visit Niyama expect to be challenged and encouraged to explore your own dharma.  


Our mission statement at Niyama is Svadhyaya, which is the Sanskrit word for Self-Study.  This principle is one of the 5 Niyamas in yoga.  Self-study encompasses all that you will be introduced to from the moment you enter our Shala.

What people say

“How can I begin to describe this amazing woman?! She heals both the body and soul. She exudes beauty and positive drive and energy.

My experience with Nicole at a yoga retreat in Tulum, Mexico was life changing! As a breast cancer survivor, my body has been through challenges. Yoga and Nicole have changed my life. My battle scars are warrior wounds, and I am stronger, healthier and happier today than ever before. This woman has inspired me, healed my body, mind and spirit. I have made a treasured friend for life.” 


—  Marie

"Now more than ever is when we need grounding and yoga the most. Nicole Zornitzer took a leap of faith during these unprecedented times and opened up a second location in Sparta overlooking the picturesque Upper Lake. Building a business from the ground up is no easy feat and doing it in an eco-conscious way can be even more challenging. From the moment you step foot into Niyama Yoga Shala’s bright, airy studio you’re brought back to simpler times. Times when we weren’t constantly overstimulated with news and social media, times when we could just let go of our “to-do” lists and be present. 


In Sanskrit, the ancient sacred language of Hinduism, the word Niyama translates to positive duties or observances. The mission of the studio is to guide each practitioner through a practice that invokes inner peace through safe and mindful movement, meditation; as well as awareness of the physical and subtle body. Each of the instructors teach in a way that ensures proper alignment and the practice is built from the foundational expression of a pose with the options to go deeper or stay where you are and just experience. The ambiance of the studio is one of serenity, and lord knows we need it more than ever these days. When you walk in you breathe a sigh of relief and your body immediately relaxes-it’s as if the space is energized in such a way that immediately allows you to leave your “baggage at the door.”  


The health and safety is at the forefront of everyone's mind including Nicole’s. Entering into an indoor space with others who are not from your household can be a bit intimidating which is why the following protocol was put in place: The studio is outfitted with hospital grade air purifiers, windows which are kept open to allow air flow, hand sanitizer is available upon arrival as you are getting your temperature taken, all high touch surfaces are disinfected before and after each class, masks are worn by all until you are on your mat, practitioner capacity is set to 25%, and teachers are mindful of keeping a safe distance from the practitioners. 


If you’ve been craving an in-studio practice; I promise you, you will not be disappointed. Looking forward to seeing you on the mat!"

—  Viktoria

Our Locations

Sparta, New Jersey

Randolph, New Jersey

Delray Beach, Florida

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