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What’s the connection between natural beauty and wellness products and yoga?

Yoga is so much more than physical asana. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, which were written over 2,000 years ago, lay the foundations for modern yoga philosophy. The sutras describe an eight limbed path for achieving spiritual enlightenment, which is called Samadhi. Samadhi is the state of pure bliss you feel when you are connected with the Divine. 




Sadhana is a Sanskrit word that refers to one’s daily spiritual practice. It can be any practice, or ritual, that leads you towards a state of Divine Bliss. Niyama Yoga and Wellness Studio’s Founder, Nicole Zornitzer, firmly believes that self-care is a form of Sadhana. Mindful daily rituals to nurture your body with ethically sourced, natural beauty and wellness products honor not just you, but also Mother Earth.  These rituals help raise your vibration and bring you closer to Samadhi.



Nicole choose the name of Niyama for her Yoga Shalas to make it clear that the Shalas were not just about physical asana. The first two limbs of yoga, according to Patanjali, are the Yamas & Niyamas. These are yogic ethical disciplines that encourage acceptance of and kindness to all, including one’s self. One of the Niyamas is Saucha, or purity. This includes having a pure body.

Nicole’s Mission for Beauty and Wellness Products

Nicole Zornitzer, has over 25 years of experience in the Beauty and Wellness Industry, having worked for some of the biggest brands in the industry. She started her career at Estée Lauder, then went on to rise to the senior management level at L’Oréal. After she started Niyama, she became increasingly interested in natural beauty and wellness products. Nicole’s mission is to fuse her passion for functional beauty products that provide demonstrable results with Sadhana.

Natural beauty and wellness products endorsed by Niyama

natural beauty and wellness products

Nu Skin - Nature plus science

Capturing the best in nature to bring you the best results is Nu Skin’s personal mission. They combine powerful ingredients with innovative science and technology. The result? World-class products that deliver real benefits. And even though they’ve spent more than 30 years researching aging at the genetic level, Mother Nature continually inspires them to push the boundaries of inquiry and innovation. They bottle what’s best and bring it right to your door.


In Nicole’s words, 


“I love how great I feel from these Nu Skin products. Everyone is shocked when I tell them my real age. Explore my site and checkout my favorite products that keep me feeling and looking young.”
natural beauty and wellness products

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LifeWave - Phototherapy patches to stimulate nerves and acupressure points

People have been using light to heal for over 5,000 years. The Egyptians built temples where color healing took place. Sunlight shone through colored gems, such as rubies and sapphires, into these temples. The sick were “color-diagnosed,” then put into rooms that radiated the particular color prescribed. The Ancient Greeks had an entire city, called Heliopolis, dedicated to light therapy. Like the Egyptians, they had temples filled with different colors of light where people would bask in the healing colors. Indians used the same principles in working with the chakra system. 


Phototherapy was rediscovered in the 20th century. Now, scientists are experimenting with using it to cure cancer and other diseases. 


Modern science shows that light initiates chemical reactions in our bodies to produce anti-oxidants, melatonin, cortisol and other healing compounds. LigthtWave patches leverage the fact that if our bodies use light to initiate chemical reactions, it means we can do the same thing by applying light to the outside of the body. LightWave patches contain organic crystals; when placed on the skin, they are activated by body heat to emit/reflect light and stimulate nerves and acupressure points on the skin. Each patch emits a different wavelength of light, tailored to address specific ailments. 


LightWave has completed over 80 clinical studies and has multiple patents and patents pending. Some of the benefits of LightWave patches are:


  • Rapid pain relief

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Would healing support

  • Enhanced sports performance

  • Mental clarity

  • Improved skin appearance

  • Energy and vitality

  • Faster recovery from exercise