Community Karma Events


Book Club

This group will bring together our community and focus on personal growth and friendships as we enter a new year!

Book Club meets monthly.

Here are the details for the upcoming event:

Book club June 15.png

Karma Yoga Classes

Niyama Yoga is proud to offer weekly Karma Yoga classes taught by our current Teacher Trainees. These classes will begin in March 2021 for open level Vinyasa classes and in April 2021 with mindful yoga for teens.


Open Level Vinyasa Classes - every Tuesday at 5.30pm (Sparta)

Open Level Vinyasa Classes - every Wednesday at 5.30pm (Randolph)

Mindful Yoga for Teens - every Sunday at 1.00pm (Randolph)

Stay tuned for more info and check our weekly schedule on the app to sign up for these classes.