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Our Services

Put your health and wellness first and treat yourself to an experience at Niyama that will leave you rejuvenated and reconnected to your best self.

Yoga therapy

Nicole Zornitzer is one of the only accredited yoga therapists in New Jersey and her education and clinical experience enables her to meet privately with clients. Yoga therapy is an individual experience that takes into consideration one's goals, past injuries, limitations, concerns, overall health, Ayurvedic constitution and needs. During a private yoga therapy appointment you can expect:


*Individualized evaluation of physical needs which includes working with those who have experienced trauma, injury or emotional imbalances due to life's circumstances.

*A clear plan of "action" to suite the needs of the client based on mobility, range of motion, experience, desires.  There will be targeted measures to ensure that all needs from the physical, emotional, and energetic body are met.

*A safe and secure environment to discuss current state of life and a tailored plan to ensure that all clients receive appropriate plan of care with: yoga asana, meditation, sound therapy, I=Iyengar wall work, barre work and any other modalities that will ensure results are met

*Training under one of the top yoga therapist on the East Coast

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Sound healing is a form of healing that uses vibrations to address physical, mental, and spiritual issues. Different emotions vibrate at different frequencies, and blocked or unexpressed emotions can lead to illness. Sound healers use instruments such as bowls and tuning forks that vibrate at specific frequencies to address specific emotions and release trapped negative emotions. The human body is a good conductor of vibrations because it is mostly water and sound healing has numerous benefits for the mind and body. You can experience this incredible process for yourself in a private or group sound healing session.

Reiki is a non-invasive healing technique that promotes balance and restoration of the mind and body by using the touch of a healer's hand. It focuses on emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual healing and involves moving life energy through the hands to clear blockages. Practitioners receive attunements and use secret symbols to aid in the healing process. Nicole Zornitzer is also a certified Reiki Level 2 Energy Healer in accordance with the Usui System of Natural Healing, with lineage under Dr. Mikao Usui.

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian practice that emphasizes total wellness by balancing the body, mind, spirit, and environment. It treats disease by addressing imbalances or stresses in a person's consciousness through lifestyle interventions and natural therapies, such as a special diet, herbal remedies, massage therapy, yoga, and meditation. Ayurvedic counseling aims to reduce symptoms, eliminate impurities, increase resistance to disease, and increase harmony in life using herbs, oils, and spices. In India, Ayurveda is considered a form of medical care on par with other forms of medicine. Nicole Zornitzer is a Certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, C.A.L.C, having received her graduate degree from Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH) in 2020. In an Ayurvedic counseling session, one can expect creation of a wellness plan that incorporates evaluation of body type (dosha) and appropriate diet and lifestyle recommendations to encourage a state of balance in the mind, body and spirit.

Thai Yoga Bodywork is a full-body treatment that combines myofascial stretching, acupressure, joint mobilization, deep tissue compression, and assisted yoga postures. Practitioners use various body parts, including thumbs, fingers, and feet, to achieve a multi-pronged approach that enhances muscle and joint function while promoting vitality through the use of rocking motions. A typical session lasts 90 minutes


Our Sparta Shala features an Iyengar Rope wall, developed by Yogi B.K.S. Iyengar, which originated from Indian homes using ropes to deepen yoga practices and hold inversions for extended periods. Rope walls allow practitioners to deepen poses and assist those who are stiff, weak or unable to perform certain asanas independently. They are also beneficial for accessing hard-to-reach muscles and holding inversions longer.

Hot yoga is an amazing practice. Aside from generating heat, the panels installed in all of Niyama's Shalas provide a number of health benefits, including improving blood circulation, strengthening the cardiovascular system, detoxifying the body, aiding weight loss and eliminating cellulite, killing bacteria and parasites, boosting the immune system, helping with pain management, and calming down the autonomic nervous system which can relieve insomnia, depression and anxiety.

Fire cupping is an alternative, non-invasive treatment technique that uses special cups placed on the skin to encourage blood flow and increase circulation and movement of stuck or stagnant  energy.The suction and negative pressure provided by cupping can loosen muscles, encourage blood flow, and sedate the nervous system. This is an excellent way to dispel internal heat, relax muscles and minimize pain, and to promote relaxation.

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