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Iyengar Rope Wall


Our Sparta Shala features an Iyengar Rope wall. The rope wall was first developed and refined by renowned Yogi B.K.S. lyengar. Rope walls are said to have originated in Indian homes, where ropes were secured from window gates to help yogis deepen their practices and hold inversions for extended periods of time.


Ropes not only allow yoga practitioners to go deeper in various poses, they also are perfect for students who are stiff, weak or unable to perform certain asanas independently.

Iyengar rope walls are also very beneficial to yoga practitioners that don't necessarily have physical limitations. They allow one to hold inversions longer and access muscles, such as the obliques and psoas, which are sometimes difficult to target deeply.

Our Founder, Nicole, teaches monthly Pop-Up Iyengar Wall Classes:

Check our schedule for details.


NOTE: If you are interested in enrolling, we highly recommend you preregister as there are limited spots and these classes always sell out.

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