'Genuine Beauty Inspired by Mother Earth'

Nourishe Organics is a collection of earth-inspired products and concepts that are shifting the way people think, respect, and care for their skin, body and emotions. Nourishe Organics is at the forefront of sharing the wisdom for people to reconnect to their bodies, introduce products from Mother Earth to heal their own bodies, and present an evolved way to access the full potential and beneficial use of pure, earth-inspired products giving way to an enlightened acceptance of true beauty.



Our ingredients are our passion and teaching about ingredients is of our missions. Here is absolutely all you will find in our ingredients:

  • Ethically harvested organic or wild harvested flowers, barks, roots, berries, seeds, fruits, leaves, mushrooms and resins.

  • Organic plant oils.

  • Love. We love and honor the life force and plant intelligence of our raw materials. We work with Reiki, specific intentions and mantras as the products are made by hand.

What you will NOT find in Nourishe Products:

  • Water (exception is soap), aloe vera gel or other fillers

  • Preservatives

  • Chemicals

  • Synthetic ingredients

  • GMOs

  • Fragrance or natural fragrance

Nourishe History


Nourishe was created by Master Alchemist, Kristin Bauer who is at the forefront of leading change in the skin care industry formulating a collection of non-surgical, topical, and non-invasive techniques for face lifting, lip enhancement and line removal to promote volume restoration and lift the skin and smooth lines and wrinkles with natural looking results.

Kristin’s ongoing research and implementation of innovative treatments for healing the skin led her to launch Nourishe Organics. A large focus of Nourishe’s work is dedicated to providing education and awareness of the truth about toxicity in skin care products and the underlying causes of premature aging skin and skin damage. Kristin strongly believes that true healing lies within us and is directly aligned with our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Niyama’s Founder, Nicole Zornitzer who has spent 25 years in the beauty industry, having worked for the largest cosmetics company in the United States; found Kristin 9 years ago while vacationing. Nicole was so impressed with Kristin’s vision and mission for changing how women and men view their skin, that she quickly converted to exclusively using Nourishe Organics Products. Nicole’s education in skin care; the harmful ingredients that other companies are using and the misuse of information that is communicated via large marketing budgets brought to consumers by big corporations; immediately enabled her to recognize the value to Nourishe.

Niyama Yoga & Wellness Studio carries all Nourishe Products and also offers private consultations and sessions with Nicole Zornitzer and Kristin Bauer.

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