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Featured in Natural Awakenings & Sparta Living Magazine


"Now more than ever is when we need grounding and yoga the most. Nicole Zornitzer took a leap of faith during these unprecedented times and opened up a second location in Sparta overlooking the picturesque Upper Lake. Building a business from the ground up is no easy feat and doing it in an eco-conscious way can be even more challenging. From the moment you step foot into Niyama Yoga Shala’s bright, airy studio you’re brought back to simpler times. Times when we weren’t constantly overstimulated with news and social media, times when we could just let go of our “to-do” lists and be present. 


In Sanskrit, the ancient sacred language of Hinduism, the word Niyama translates to positive duties or observances. The mission of the studio is to guide each practitioner through a practice that invokes inner peace through safe and mindful movement, meditation; as well as awareness of the physical and subtle body. Each of the instructors teach in a way that ensures proper alignment and the practice is built from the foundational expression of a pose with the options to go deeper or stay where you are and just experience.

The ambiance of the studio is one of serenity, and lord knows we need it more than ever these days. When you walk in you breathe a sigh of relief and your body immediately relaxes-it’s as if the space is energized in such a way that immediately allows you to leave your “baggage at the door.”


The health and safety is at the forefront of everyone's mind including Nicole’s. Entering into an indoor space with others who are not from your household can be a bit intimidating which is why the following protocol was put in place: The studio is outfitted with hospital grade air purifiers, windows which are kept open to allow air flow, hand sanitizer is available upon arrival as you are getting your temperature taken, all high touch surfaces are disinfected before and after each class, masks are worn by all until you are on your mat, practitioner capacity is set to 25%, and teachers are mindful of keeping a safe distance from the practitioners. 


If you’ve been craving an in-studio practice; I promise you, you will not be disappointed. Looking forward to seeing you on the mat!"

—  Viktoria

Spotlight Article: Bare


Our Founder Nicole's Reflections on Turning 50

"As I reflect upon my life and the 50 years I have been on this journey, I am realizing that each piece, each moment has brought me to this moment where I can bare my soul and be completely comfortable in the vulnerability."

The Lotus


“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” — Anais Nin


Summer from an Ayurvedic Lens

In Ayurveda, summer is viewed as Pitta Season. Pitta’s earth elements are fire, heat, action and may be viewed from the Eastern perspective as a “type A personality”. 


Springtime: An Ayurvedic Persepctive

Springtime aligns with the kapha dosha, which in Sanskrit translates to “that which flourishes in water” as the season of spring brings rain and increased water in the environment.

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Four Corners

A client recently inspired me to analyze the idea of how yoga and mindfulness have transformed me & relate it to past articles regarding the power of the yoga mat.

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Tapas—To Burn

Tapas is often translated as “austerity” or “discipline” and the word tapas is derived from the root Sanskrit verb “tap” which means to “burn” and evokes a sense of fire or passion.


Finding Your Yin

In the west, Yin Yoga has historically been the least celebrated style of yoga. However, our Founder Nicole believes it is one of the most necessary styles. This is the topic of her recent article in Sparta Living Magazine this month.

oasis of light.jpg

Oasis of Light

Let’s celebrate the female body for all that it offers from childbearing to menopause; remember it is the woman who carries the fruits of life, and our bodies are temples that should be revered with the ultimate respect.

Yin resized.png

Finding Your Yin

The lessons of yin are far more reaching than one may think at first glance. When we truly find stillness, we become one with ourselves and enter a more meditative state.


The Gift

During this holiday season and an increasing amount of pressure on people to spend more, have more, do more to feel appreciated or loved, I have taken a different approach on the meaning of a gift.


The Puzzle

The term “yoga” translates to “yoke” or “union”, therefore when kleshas (obstacles) are in our path, they prevent us from finding this sense of balance and connection with self and others.


The Blue Bay: A story of love everlasting

This is a story about two people who have given me more than they realize. Two people that changed my world, that have inspired me, that continue to silently be a tremendous source of strength for me.


The Five Kleshas: Finding Immortality

The term “yoga” translates to “yoke” or “union”, therefore when kleshas (obstacles) are in our path, they prevent us from finding this sense of balance and connection with self and others.

trail magic cropped.png

Trail Magic


According to all the books and experts who have traveled the Appalachian Trail, there is a term referred to as “trail magic”. This article details what Nicole thinks is the true meaning of trail magic. 



As I grow older, what I realize is that my mat has become my cherished friend, possibly even considered a family member. I am attached to my mat; it is sacred to me, and I care for it accordingly. It is my aspiration that others develop this special relationship with their mats as well. 

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And The Award Goes To….Heather Kerner

We are pleased to announce that we have selected Heather Kerner, currently enrolled in YTT 200 at Niyama Yoga in Randolph; planning to enroll in the YTT 300 in January 2022, to be our Natural Awakenings #NextChapter Scholarship recipient for spring 2021. 


The Shades of Gratitude


Gratitude takes on many shades; let us all appreciate and cherish every one of those shades, even the darkest of them all.




Pranayama is the manipulation of breath in yogic terms. It is my belief that pranayama is more important than the physical asana practice.

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My Touch Tree-The Bones (A Tribute)



Nicole’s intention is to bring to light the struggle of divorce while also finding a forever love and compassion for the one you once loved and possibly always will love.

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The Healing Power of Sound


In this article, Nicole explains everything you need to know about Integral Sound Healing: Its benefits, the science behind it and the instruments used.

Yoga at Home

Santosha: The Second Yogic Niyama


Santosha invites us into contentment.


Sunshine On My Shoulders


Nicole reflects on 2020; dealing with life and death, looking for the lessons, messages and moments that come with it.


The Power Of My Mat: Part II


The Power of My Mat is that it helps me through my struggles. This post inspires to get on your mat, even during the darkest of times.


The Graduate - 2020


I just completed my Ayurvedic Graduate Studies at The Maryland University of Integrative Health. Learn about my experience here.


The Wait for Double G: A Tribute to Mom


Nicole reflects on loss & closure, a tribute to her mother this Mother's Day. 

Herbal Remedies

What is Ayurveda?


In Sanskrit, Ayurveda is the science of life, it is the sister science of yoga. Read more about Ayurveda's purpose and the 3 basic Doshas.


Yamas & Niyamas


The yamas and niyamas can be viewed as yogic ethical disciplines that offer  practitioners a means to move through life in a mindful way.




Svadhayaya is the art of study of self. This niyama is so important to me that it has become my company’s mission statement. Read & learn why.


Shine On


In one of our dharma talks, we were taught we need to accept where and who we are in this very moment in order to shine.


6 Years Later


Each day I continue to unravel my purpose here and each year I experience brand new challenges that were not predictable.


The Gunas


There are 3 primal qualities that are viewed by many as the measure to determine our spiritual growth, these are called the Gunas.

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Courage: Braving Our Own Wilderness


Read the thoughts of our Founder, Yogini Nicole Zornitzer, on Brene Brown's book Braving the Wilderness. It's all about courage!


The Koshas


The definition of yoga is union of mind, body and spirit. The five koshas of the body are the foundation to creating this harmony of self.

Rock Balancing

Any Given Wednesday

How does one manage the constant fluctuation of emotion? How do we start the day in fear and try to end in gratitude?

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