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Featured in Natural Awakenings & Sparta Living Magazine

The Gunas


There are 3 primal qualities that are viewed by many as the measure to determine our spiritual growth, these are called the Gunas.

Courage: Braving Our Own Wilderness


Read the thoughts of our Founder, Yogini Nicole Zornitzer, on Brene Brown's book Braving the Wilderness. It's all about courage!

The Koshas


The definition of yoga is union of mind, body and spirit. The five koshas of the body are the foundation to creating this harmony of self.

Any Given Wednesday


How does one manage the constant fluctuation of emotion? How do we start the day in fear and try to end in gratitude?

Sunshine On My Shoulders


Nicole reflects on 2020; dealing with life and death, looking for the lessons, messages and moments that come with it.

The Power Of My Mat: Part II


The Power of My Mat is that it helps me through my struggles. This post inspires to get on your mat, even during the darkest of times.

The Graduate - 2020


I just completed my Ayurvedic Graduate Studies at The Maryland University of Integrative Health. Learn about my experience here.

Santosha: The Second Yogic Niyama


Santosha invites us into contentment by appreciating a calm center, a heart open in gratitude and practicing the paradox of “not seeking.”

Yamas & Niyamas


The yamas and niyamas can be viewed as yogic ethical disciplines that offer  practitioners a means to move through life in a mindful way.



Svadhayaya is the art of study of self. This niyama is so important to me that it has become my company’s mission statement. Read & learn why.

Shine On


In one of our dharma talks, we were taught we need to accept where and who we are in this very moment in order to shine.

The Shades of Gratitude


Gratitude takes on many shades; let us all appreciate and cherish every one of those shades, even the darkest of them all.

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